Remember how, when we got to the beginning of 2021, we were all talking about what a rough year it had been? 

How our teams were burned out, how our residents were isolated, how much we had lost?

We also talked a lot about how resilient we had been, how we pivoted in crises, how teams stepped up to fill in the gaps. How we utilized creative resources we never knew we had.

Here we are again, and times are still tough, and the job market … well … it sucks.

  • We’ve all seen the “not all heroes wear capes” signs. Even those seem worn out now.
  • We are searching for ways to show appreciation, not just with the team members who are doing amazing things, but with our entire organization, the entire industry, and the communities around us.

Imagine there being a place to publicly and proudly highlight your community, your team members, your residents? That’s what Foresight Awards is all about. 

It’s employee of the month on steroids. It’s an opportunity to show your team, your residents, and their families, as well as prospects, that you’re different—that you’re better than all the rest.

At Senior Living Foresight, we have a reputation for doing things just a little bit differently. Steve Moran and the team continue to challenge the status quo of senior living, as well as highlight the innovators and success stories that often get overlooked. Again, that’s what Foresight Awards is all about.

We are launching a platform to share your stories, your heroes, with the world.

It’s simple really. Pick a category, and submit your rock star’s story. We will be choosing one winner in each category every quarter. The winners (and their communities) will receive a spot on our site, as well as a badge to put on their site or social media profiles. It’s good for them, it’s good for you, it’s good for your community, and most of all it’s good for senior living.