Maintenance Director of the Quarter
March 2022

Facility Maintenance Mechanic
William McElya

Facility Maintenance Mechanic, Ryan Nettles, has consistently gone above and beyond in his duties, assigned and otherwise, at the Washington Veteran’s Home. As with every other skilled nursing home, in light of COVID-19, residents and family members have been unable to visit each other for months on end. Recently, Ryan was tasked with designing and fabricating visitor booths to allow our residents the opportunity to visit with their family members safely and securely. Ryan spent over 32 hours racing to complete three visitation stations in order to meet the August 4th deadline proposed by our home, while also adhering to the strict regulations set forth by our agency and the department of health. As is expected of Mr. Nettles, he delivered a tremendous product that allowed 28 family members to visit with their loved ones during the first week of visitations. His expertise and attention to detail ensured the safety of our residents, while also contributing immensely to their emotional well-being. Throughout the course of the visitations, Ryan has made significant improvements to the stations daily, following the guidance of our visitation volunteers, staff, and resident family members. After the completion of his project, Ryan provided detailed blueprints, parts lists, and instructional information to our other Veteran Homes in the state to aid in their own stations. Mr. Nettles is an exemplary employee who has always put our residents' needs and desires at the forefront of his daily work. His continued dedication and commitment to our residents make him an incredible asset to our home.