Activity of the Quarter
May 2022

Serenity demonstrated exceptional service and care to a resident. Serenity truly values the uniqueness of each resident. And she values their relationships that define them. An example of this is with a resident, Pat. Pat was a hairdresser in her younger days and loved her work. Instead of Serenity simply talking with Pat about her love of being a hairdresser, Serenity allowed Pat the opportunity to feel that love again. Into the hair salon the two ladies went. And Pat got to work on Serenity’s hair. Washed, dried and curled. In the pictures, I can’t tell what’s more beautiful. Serenity’s hair or Pat’s smile. Serenity truly embraces the Artis Way philosophy. Ability to have a voice. Respecting and maintaining relationships. Treasuring each person’s uniqueness: Integrity, success and recognition.