Meal of the Quarter
March 2022

When a storm hit on top of COVID, staff were already geared up for handling the unexpected. But with so many people on the team handling new kinds of challenges, the added snow and low temperatures, for many, became a nightmare. The power and water were completely out. Achim directed his small team to used plate burners with propane tanks and melted ice to boil water for masterfully engineered “pour over” coffee pots. As the blackout continued several days, keeping residents hydrated and warm, and the facilities sanitary, became their most serious concerns. Achim connected with a friend who donated 400 cases of water. That was enough to drop a case at each residence. When residents didn’t have water to flush their toilets, Achim sent pool water in buckets. It seemed like whatever they needed, they were able to secure, just in time. With the help of colleagues and outside connections, they got the trucks, the vans, the water, and supplies that we needed to keep our residents safe